Lovely new artistic initiative!

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Trei in lucru

The YRS is delighted to salute the platform for the promotion of artistic value. Originally created by violinist and airline pilot, Cristian Mandu, the portal aims to teach the Artists why and how to promote themselves, show the People that live artists are affordable and provide an Independent and Open information network where offer and demand can connect efficiently. As Cristian himself said:

“One day I discovered that one agent charged 1700€ for me playing one hour solo violin, paid me 120€ and so he got 1300% commission… For me that was the moment when I realized that is a necessity. How many more people would consider hiring live artists if they would know the real price an artist charges for his services? For sure a lot more and artists would get more jobs!” 

YRS National supports such initiatives not only as extremely promising ideas but, most importantly, as indicators of the immense Romanian potential for creativity and pragmatic innovation.

Good luck, !!!

PS: Check out their fb page here.